99 cau trac nghiem Verb form (co dap an)

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1.What is the Correct Form of the Verb?
Many of these words need to be changed. Read the sentence, decide what the answer should be, then click on the word to see the answer.
have often a car by myself.
My best friend with me last year.
I like to basketball.
My sister often shopping.
I wish I could have my car last weekend.
My father often enjoys .
Did you finish your homework?
My younger brother lunch with me every day.
One of my teachers to play the guitar.
Were you able yesterday afternoon? the Correct Form of the Verb?
Many of these verbs need to be changed. Read the sentence, decide what the answer should be, then click on the word to see the answer.
a headache for several hours.
I a movie when you called last night.
Do you think it tomorrow?
Where`s Tom? He said he here at 4:30 PM.
If I so much coffee, I`d be able to sleep.
I recommend that Bob much more if he wants to pass all his classes.
I`m really looking forward to a vacation!
I`m hungry because I breakfast or lunch.
He can`t send e-mail because he a modem for his computer.
By the time I got to Lucy`s house, she for work.
3. Verb Tenses
Click the answer button to see the answer.
the end of the year, she ___ with a degree in business. a. already graduates b. will have already graduated c. has already graduated 
As soon as I ___ home, it started to rain heavily. a. get b. got c. will have gotten 
We ___ the chance to visit many museums in Paris last vacation. a. had b. had had c. have had 
I ___ on this project for days without success. a. have been worked b. have been working c. had being worked 
Don`t worry. She ___ by herself. a. is used to living b. is used to live c. used to living 
I ___ hard until I pass the TOEFL. a. will study b. study c. have studied 
Next month we ___ our 5th wedding anniversary. a. will be celebrated b. will have been celebrating c. will be celebrating 
If you ___ it, give it a go. a. didn`t try b. haven`t tried c. hadn`t tried 
I wish I ___ a millionaire so I could travel all over the world. a. was b. had been c. were 
He ___ to class this morning because he was sick. a. didn`t come b. hadn`t come c. hasn`t come 
He ___ it on purpose. a. denied having done b. denied have done c. denied done 
Children ___ to free education. a. should entitle b. should be entitled c. should to be entitled 
___ a UFO? a. Did you ever see b. Do you ever see c. Have you ever seen 
Whenever I ___ talk to my boss, I get butterflies in my stomach. a. had to b. will have to c. have to 
They ___ together for five years when they decided to get married. a. had been b. have been c. were 
While the reporter ___ the policeman, the robber escaped. a. interviewing b. was interviewing c. had been interviewing 
She ___ extremelly quiet since her husband died. a. is b. has been c. was 
If he ___ with his girlfriend, he ___ now. a. hadn`t broken up / wouldn`t be suffering b. hadn`t broken up / wouldn`t suffer c. didn`t break up / wouldn`t be suffering 
(Verb Form Quiz)
Click the answer button to see the answer.
Olympic games are ___ every four years. a. held b. hold 
People who ___ part in sports are called athletes. a. take b. took c. taken part 
The athletes who ___ the games are called competitors. a. enter b. entered 
In the 1998 Nagano Olympics there ___ over 3000 competitors taking part. a. is b. was c. were 
The Olympic flame was ___ to the games by relay. a. carry b. carried 
The athletes ___
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